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Wills & Estate Solutions

Quick, affordable and accessible

We strongly believe that our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we appreciate that life is very busy. Therefore we want to make the process as straight forward and timely as we can for our clients.

Our regulated expertise underpins the quality of the services we provide. Our clients receive the best of both worlds - affordable and time efficient solutions.

Our case management system allows us to carry out interviews and provide accurate and relevant solutions over the telephone taking up much less of your time and in most cases completing the work in no more than 15 minutes. All of our work is supplied with client friendly written guidance and a named qualified legal adviser is always allocated for the duration of the instructions, meaning that our client always has access to help at no extra cost.

  • A flexible approach

    Our approach is intelligently designed and handled by qualified legal advisers, which means that we provide our clients with a personalised service tailored to meet individual needs. For example if you have children, you will need to discuss guardians and the age you wish your children to benefit from your estate. If you have concerns about inheritance tax implications for your family we can advise on relevant solutions.

  • Peace of mind

    We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients are made aware of how important it is to make decisions now. To keep control of your life and protect the future of your family, call our team now.

For peace of mind, call us on 01224 848388
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Making a Will doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated and nor should it be if you do not have a complex estate. The fact that you choose to recognise that you do have value in your estate, whether it be the house you live in, the jewellery you…
Allowing your wealth to pass outright to a beneficiary, whether that person is a spouse, partner, a child or other relative, means that you lose control over how your estate is used. Outright gifts place the asset in the estate of the beneficiary and the value of the gift may…
Managing your financial lifestyle and making decisions about medical treatment and long term care can become complicated if you lose the mental capacity to make these decisions for yourself. Whilst you have the mental capacity you should make a Power of Attorney to avoid unnecessary expense in future and the…
As well as helping you preserve your estate and structure the succession of wealth through to the next generation it is just as important to administer these arrangements properly. Failure to do so may result in executors and trustees becoming personally liable for loss or even result in the planning…

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