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Motorcycle Accident

We specialise in motorbike accidents and have a specialist team dedicated to helping clients who have been injured in motorbike accidents.

We understand the intricacies of how bikes work, as well as the difficulties that motorcycle riders face on the road every day. This knowledge helps us represent our clients effectively, getting them the motorcycle accident compensation that they deserve.

We also know that the majority of motorbike accidents are not the biker's fault and that the injuries and damages suffered can be complicated - and sometimes devastating. We settle thousands of claims every year for motorcycle accident compensation, throughout England, Wales and Scotland. We know how to properly assess the extent of damages and we can help protect you from the other side's insurance company.

An estimated 80% of motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle driver. More often, the fault lies with a car driver who failed to see a motorbike approaching. Motorbike accidents can also occur when a cyclist slips on a diesel spill or gets hit when filtering - or overtaking - traffic.

In all of these situations, if a biker is injured in an accident that was not their fault - or only partly their fault - then they are entitled to motorcycle accident compensation. This can cover ongoing medical costs, loss of income during recovery and damages to equipment, such as the motorcycle, protective clothing and the helmet.

Our services: not just motorbike accident compensation

We understand that immediately following a motorcycle accident, compensation isn't the only thing on your mind. Our motorcycle accident compensation solicitors are here to help you throughout the entire process, from the moment you come off your bike.

One of the most important things to do will be to arrange medical examinations, treatments and rehabilitation and at NewLaw, we will arrange all of this for you. The medical assessment will be a vital piece of evidence in your claim for motorcycle accident compensation and any expenses will be recovered.

During the motorcycle accident compensation process, you may be anxious to get your motorbike back on the road - especially if it's your only mode of transportation. We will help you get your bike on the road or arrange a hire replacement. We will also help you recover the cost of your damaged helmet, boots and other protective clothing.

To start the process of getting the motorbike accident compensation that you deserve, contact us today. We will take all the necessary details over the telephone, and advise you as to whether you have a good case.

If we decide to take on your claim for motorcycle accident compensation, we will arrange for you to get a medical assessment and we will contact the insurer of the responsible party to advise them of your claim. We will also get estimates for the damage done to your bike and replacement costs for safety equipment such as your helmet and clothing. The cost for all of these elements will be recovered in your final claim for motorcycle accident compensation.

After a motorbike accident, get the compensation you deserve

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